I Love You

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My love is like an uncontrollable storm,
From the start of dawn,
To the end of time,
I’m glad he’s mine,
The day’s and the nights,
It’s never a fight,
There are never frowns,
He makes me feel like I wear a crown,
From the compliments to the cute names,
Always fun and games,
He’s never going to make me cry,
I’ll always be there to be his sweetie pie,
With the comfort like god watching over me,
In my heart he will always be,
The hands that will always hold me up when I fall,
Beautiful, amazing, handsome and tall,
The scent that will never go away,
If he wishes to take my heart he may,
Under the stars with him I wish to lay,
With the ability to make me smile every day,
The arms like the touch of an angel
that you don’t want to leave,
Our love I dare you not to deceive,
With eyes like a glittery moon lit night,
Us together is always bright and just so right,
The smile that hits you like a thousand suns,
Dear God I pray that he never runs,
Like he’s said your touch is as soft as your lips,
When your hands are on my hips,
I don’t want you to let go,
I don’t want to part from you,
I don’t want anything to come between us,
I hope that you’ll be the one,
I hope our love will stay strong,
I hope our relationship never fades,
I’ll never let you go.

This post was submitted by laura orourke.

Category: Love Poems
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