I love you

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Yeah i liked him first.
we were just friends.
but something from that turned into more.
he started to like me.
he gave me a chance.
now i won’t let him go.
i talk to him everyday.
it’s been a month.
one of the best i have ever had in my life.
he is sweet and kind.
i wouldn’t trade him for anything.
i know he really cares.
i will never forget him.
when he says i love you,
your heart skips a beat
and suddenly nothing else matters.
i know he will always be there.
i might have had some regrets in the beginning,
but when i start to talk to him again
those regrets are soon gone, and forgetful.
he’s the one who is always on my mind.
when he isn’t with me,
thats when i miss him the most.
yes i get mad at him.
than he says those sweet things,
the ones that i won’t forget.
i want to be with him forever.
i will never have another feeling like this.
<3 I Love You <3

This post was submitted by katie.

Category: Love Poems
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