I Love You Baby

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I don’t wanna be in blue
I just wanna be with you,
I don’t think I’m a fool,
Cos being with you is so cool.

I know I’m just a simple guy
And to you I can’t lie,
You’re my dream girl
And the one who can make my world twirl.

You’re my better half
And with you, I’m willing to live my life.
Through my ups and downs, you’re my guiding light
And I promise you, I will always be at your side.

You’re all that I need
You’re all that I want
Please be with me
Until the end of time

Baby you’re my everything,
Come to me and feel my heart beating
It only screams out your name,
That’s why baby I only want to say is “I LOVE YOU”

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Category: Love Poems
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