I love you…Forever

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I don’t know how our love had started
I don’t know how your charm on me haunted
I can’t say it’s love at first sight
Cause frankly, to fall for you, I do not like

But my feelings suddenly had changed
In my mind you always remain
I don’t know why I don’t know how
But in love again, I think I am bound

So I let my feelings show
And wrote a letter to let you know
I am not afraid of what you’d say
At least I said, I have tried my way

Then I had known you love me too from the start
And you’ve done your part to win my heart
You even turn your back to someone and forget
The one I knew who owns you with no regret

And we both entered into romance
That somehow I dreamed of once
Though sometimes trials gets in our way
Our love will guide and show the way

From the moment we have said “I LOVE YOU”
There’s a path of life together we’ll journey through
And thought it may be long and winding
The love between us will keep us standing

I can’t help reminiscing our sweet memories
Your being part of me I will always cherish
And now those years to us had passed
Still, we pray for love to last

I thank God for giving you
And I thank you for loving me too
To forget you, I will never
Near, far, I will always remember

“I LOVE YOU” the words I will say forever
Believe me there will be no other
I love you and I will always will until the last
And only death could bring us apart
I love you…

This post was submitted by Glay Soriano Briones.

Category: Love Poems
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