I love you mum

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You’ve been there for me
I’ve been here for you,
All the good and the bad times
That we have been through.

You welcomed me in
With arms opened wide,
Gave me a home to stay
When I was having a hard time.

When I have things on my mind
You’re the person I turn to,
‘Cause I know you will listen
And advise me what to do.

Whenever I am down
You notice straight away,
And can tell something’s up
Without me having to say.

Without you I’d be lost
Don’t know where I would be,
Because Donna you are more
Than just a cousin to me.

You’re a very close friend
To whom I can confide,
A sister I can come to
When I need some advice.

But most strongly of all
To me you’re like a mum,
Without you I don’t know
What I would have done.

There was a part of me
I tried so hard to find,
The part you brought back
Without having to try.

By allowing me
To just be who I am,
And not trying to control me
Like some others have.

My confidence has grown
Back to what it used to be,
Thanks to everything
That you’ve done for me.

And for this I will always
Be so grateful to you,
It was the one thing I needed
For someone to do.

So writing this poem
Is my way of thanking you,
And to show you how much
That I love you.

This post was submitted by Laura \\\'Lorenzo\\\' Thomas.

Category: Mother poems
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