I loved u

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I loved u like hell
and i felt like i want to yell
and let all the people know
how i loved u, and i like to show,

i feel happy when i be with u
but i didn’t know that u feel blue
when u be with me,

so we can be
as friends, that helps each other
and like to be together

but i thought that u trust me
and u feel agree
to tell me all ur secrets
without being afraid
that they will be waist

but i will be waiting for u
to come and tell me ur view
about life
with white and blue

even if this will take time
i will wait to climb
the prime of ur heart

and this will be the start
of our true friendship
and never apart

i will enjoy looking in ur eyes
and not seeing the disguised,
feelings that made me cry.

This post was submitted by fayrouz.

Category: Love Poems
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