I May Love You

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I see your smile,
My butterflies awake.
The twinkle in your eye,
How do I forsake?

How I do wish I was of older age,
Although me and you aren’t impossible,
If only you could see what’s going on inside,
If only I could send a signal.

I think it’s hard,
For anyone to feel for you the way I do.
My heart skips a beat,
When I’m in contact with you.

There’s a slender tone to your voice,
I hear the echo’s throughout.
My feeling grow stronger every day,
But whereas yours I truly doubt.

If only you knew,
The love I long to give.
The true feelings I go through,
Could I ever outlive?

I long deep affection,
I’m fired with intense feeling.
Without the threat of utter let down,
I would be more revealing.

Is this love?
Or just a silly crush.
The feelings inside,
How I do care so much.

People think I’m stupid,
But I know this thing is true.
If only I could say this to your face,
The fact I may love you…..

This post was submitted by Sally Ann.

Category: Love Poems
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