I Miss You

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I never thought that I’m gonna miss you,
The friend I cherish and treasure like you.
I really never thought that I’m gonna miss you,
But here I am now missing you.

I remember the days when we’re together,
We’re like Romeo and Juliet as lovers.
Hangin’ on the phone talking to each other,
But here I am now alone to suffer.

You make my world go round,
You make me hear sweet sound.
You make my feet standing firm on the ground,
But here I am now, missing you and so down.

Will you ever come back to let me stand?
Is there a time for me to hold your hand?
I hope that time will come that I’ll never gonna miss you,
‘Cos that time is the time I’ll say that… I Love You!

This post was submitted by Chris M..

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7 Responses

  • amy says:

    Aww … I like this one because it has got some really sweet..and touching phrases that make me want to cry, ”I miss you so much I can’t let you go, but if I do then i will let go of myself and our love, so I will keep hold of you every step of the way, no matter what I will keep us together, till the end I will miss you.!” Do you like that?? I just made that up .. lol

  • nicole kira says:

    he was always there to catch me when i fell.
    every time he made a wish i was right there with him by that wishing well.
    he would look me in the eyes and say “why are we here”?
    i have everything I’ve ever wanted right next to me now my dear
    i giggled and said “i love you”
    he said i will love you for ever

  • Brittani says:

    i love your poem!!:)
    Your really good at writing them fyi lol

  • kavita says:

    I love this poem
    hanging on phone,talking now waiting to come back
    Really I miss u

  • joey says:

    perfect for my situation

  • Dee says:

    It’s crazy how poems like this may seem phony to others but so real to other people who understand….nice poem.(:

  • Shahrukh says:

    nic poem..I like it 🙂



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