I miss you

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I miss you like crazy every day and every night
Some days I wish I had it in me to fight
She took you away
And it crushes my heart
because baby you’re my lover
You were from the start
You mean the world to me and with everything you do
Sometimes when I look at him I wish it was you.
I know it’s hard to play this game
But please baby can we stop were both just the same
I know you care but is that enough
Together our rough lives could become stable and tough.
I think about you all day
When I’m bored in school
I write your name on my paper
Cuz it reminds me of the things that we do
I promise not to lie, or let you down
Just as long as were both together and not fucking around
My world would be peaceful if we were together at last
But I don’t see that happening because my hearts in a cast.

This post was submitted by devonee.

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