I Pray For You Josh

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Tonight is the night
that my brother won’t see the light.
my little brother is strong
we saw he was all along.

He is fighting for his life tonight
and it is a horrible sight
to see him like this
and think that he might be gone
and i would miss another a minute with him.
I pray to you to give him
all the strength to fight for his life
and make sure he can see another day with me.
God i am on my knee tonight
asking you for something so great
but i see his heart rate going down
all i see on my face is a frown.

I put him in your hands tonight
he needs to fight
tell him, keep on telling him not to
give up and i am here by his side
and i have cried
many times but ill be fine
when i know he is alright and lying
right there beside me.
I love you more than the world.

This post was submitted by Shannen.

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