I pray that you will change your mind

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The circumstances are in our favor.
Distant roars, not from fighting, but from waves.
The sweet night air spills over our bodies to remind us that we are alive.
We watch the sky and consider the possibility of a storm,
And whether we will have time to run for cover.
We fumble over the right words, trying to sound worldlier than we actually are.
The wind blows my hair through my face.
The waves crash harder and more intensely as the night proceeds.
I try not to glance at you to where you’ll notice,
But you do every time.

We sit in silence for moments enjoying the way the seaside makes us feel secure.
Knowing we will have to go home at the end of the week.
College and life are waiting for us.
I try to estimate the distance between Lexington and Newport, in my mind.
A few stars peek through the gray mass of clouds,
Trying to tempt us with their reputation of romanticism.
The water acts as a balance beam,
Equalizing what the world expects and what we desire.
The night grows thin,
As we grow wary, knowing it’s almost over.

I look up into your eyes, not knowing if you feel the way I do.
Its then I realize that you don’t.
I understand that it is too late for me to recover; I’ve already let you in.
At least we won’t have to face each other every day.
Not that you would catch the drift anyway.
So I seize our last few moments together under the damaged sky,
And pray that you will change your mind.

This post was submitted by kara marie.

Category: Love Poems
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