I still love him

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The first time i saw him i knew it was love at first sight,
like the whole world had stopped for just that one night,
that’s not true anymore,
my heart is tired of being sore,
If he loved me why didn’t he stay,
I woke up and he wasn’t there that one day,
I still love him and i hope he comes back,
maybe without him i can get my life on track

This post was submitted by Kayleigh Schaefer.

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5 Responses

  • Joanna says:

    this is true Without the guy you love you feel lyk ending your life but just keep ur head up and dont look back This did touch my heart I love it

  • Kayla says:

    I know the feeling. It has hurt so long, everyone just kept saying move on. He isn’t worth it nor does he love you or care but I don’t think it’s fair. I fell in love with him when he left once and again twice, and the third time that came around was the last time I will ever hear his voice. It hurts so much and I want him to know that life is so difficult without him there to hold. He made me feel warm inside but now I feel so cold. I never want to feel this for anyone else except for the fact that he’ll forever be in my head and his memory will never be dead. This should always be the time where you don’t stay behind and I think I’ve finally figured it out. You will always have to move on when someone is no longer there, never give up because I wouldn’t want to spend many nights of crying and regret like I have done. I want everyone to know that if one guy can mess up your life many others will but never give up just reach for your dreams. Remember them like they have forgotten you so easily.

    This poem is very true and I agree with Joanna, every word. I also find this poem very beautiful but sad. Good Job!

  • Denee says:

    I really love this poem because it hits home with me. When I first saw him I wanted him, but he was “the forbidden fruit”, i couldn’t have him. But i went against my better judgment and pulled it from the tree. It was good for 7 months or so but now things have changed. I spend my days at home hoping and wishing he was here with me, its like he doesn’t have time for me anymore. when i ask about ending the relationship, the answer is always NO..My heart loves this man so much, but also my heart cant take the pain of speculating about what’s really going on………”brokenhearted”.

  • Ashlee says:

    I really love this poem it is absolutely amazing! I am going through this at the moment he is gone and i miss him very much! I agree with Denee the first time i saw him i wanted him but all of the other girls were all over him 🙁 but i took the chance and asked him and he said yes!! It was good for at least3 years then he started to get really weird as soon as we started going to high school which was at different skools!! I hope that someday we will become really good friends!! this poem has really helped me!! thank you so much for sharing your poem with the world!! i believe that this poem will help so many people with their broken hearts!! i think you have touched many hearts and will continue to touch many hearts all over the world! keep going and keep your head up!!

  • Pauni Nielsen says:

    I like this poem because we been through a lot.There this guy that i really felt in love,and i gave him all my trust but now were no longer together.My cousin,friends,parents,and also my family,they said to forget about him he’s not worth it but i can’t because i love him,i should have listen to them i shouldn’t have trust you.Everytime we argue,we get mad at each other,i can’t stay mad because i love him so much.Now i learn a lesson from it,so i have to be strong so that way it will be easy for me to move on.Go for a guy that can feel heart beat but not a guy just come only for sex,money,and the you dress.



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