I was alone

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All i did was say
everything i had for her
it surely wasn’t a mistake
then why did it hurt
she was gone
i was alone
was left with nothing
only memories
which hurt and kill
everyday became a burden
forgot to smile
never laughed again
had to ask myself
whats down upon me !!

Its not everyday
that you meet someone special
the cruel world it is
has its own beauty
and i knew she was one
as long as i was with her
she had my world go round
i was the invincible one
seemed i had everything
cared with all for her
just to be with her
but in the end
it was not to be
she was gone
and i was alone.

This post was submitted by mark.

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One Response

  • Leah says:

    Mark I love ur poem bcz I myself always feel like been lonely without anyone near me but it’s also hard to live or stay alone in life



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