I Will Miss

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Life is a river and love is the sea,
An ocean and creeks divide you and me.
As we float down the river of gray,
I love you is what i need you to say.
Ups and downs, twists and turns,
Life is a lesson of which we all learn.
Happy and sad, angry and blue,
I won’t spend my life waiting for you.
I’m a gem, I’m a jewel, a real precious find,
One day you’ll learn I’m one of a kind.
Take me today, here as I am,
Take me today please be my man.
I just need a step, one more up in life,
Saying that one day I may be your wife.
The three words that you say are not what I need,
Upon our life’s path I want you to lead.
Without you I feel, all empty inside,
Our love is a coaster, a crazy park ride.
We share laughs, smiles and all sorts of bliss,
Sadly i know this is what i’ll miss.
Unless you can say you’ve made up you’re mind,
Our days together are desperately timed.
Until this day comes to pass in my life,
I’ll never become your true love and wife.

This post was submitted by Katrina.

Category: Break Up Poems
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