The memories from the past

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The memories from the past
are still fond and clear,
the pain inside is killing me,
i can´t resist you no more..

i wanna make things better,if i could
i wanna love you as i could,if i could
i wanna hug and never let you go,if i could
i wanna hold you and never go,if i could

Baby i love you,and i miss you,
i´m sick of it, i´m so sick of it
i wanna hold your hands again,
i wanna feel your touch again
if i could,but i could´nt

Baby i miss you,
if i could fly here from you i would,
Baby this long distance is killing me,
i can´t wait to see you again.
Apz i love you with all my hypothalamus.

This post was submitted by elaika.

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