If I Were A Bird…

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Staring outside the window,
Gazing at the wonderful sky,
I was just wondering
How did the birds fly?

After thinking for sometime,
A thought crept into my mind.
What if I were a bird
Will I be rude or rather be kind?

I will have colourful wings
With the help of which I will fly high.
I will be successful,
In everything I try.

Over the hills, crossing the sea,
And on top of the trees,
Everywhere I can go,
Without paying any fees.

Away from the computers and video-games,
With no studies, homework and examination.
I would live my life as I want
Life would be free from all tension.

But then suddenly I realized
That this was just my imagination,
And all this can happen
Only if I were a bird…

This post was submitted by Bhakti Prabhu.

Category: Hope Poems
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