If You Take My Hands

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Moon and stars that shines tonight
How I wish I could see your light
Because it reminds me of the one I love
So brighten up my world tonight.

Every night I look up to the sky
How I wish I have wings to fly
To reach the moon and captures its gravity
So I can pull you closer to me.

If only a star would fall from the sky
I’ll wish upon a star, you will never say good-bye
Because if you do, I would not just cry
Surely I will die.

Because of you I’ve realized that life is worth living for
That is why I wanted to be with you forever more
All I’m asking for is take my hands and love me too
Then I’ll give you my world and spend my whole life with you.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

Category: Love Poems
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