I’ll Imagine

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I’ll close my eyes and imagine you are here
and listen to your sweet words you’d whisper in my ear
you’ll have me smile with the things you would say
then feel our hearts touch though you’re far away
Your tender lips and kisses I would even taste
as you wrap your arms around me with the warmth
of your big embrace.

This post was submitted by Madeline Cruz.

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One Response

  • Paul Murray says:

    I will always love you Paul . I again have to move on with my life and don’t know where to start without you.
    I have gotten out all of my books from AA and am spending a lot of time reading and getting re-connected with why I can’t ignore it like it will go away. I am doing a lot of thinking and motivating myself to move on and not give into hibernating myself. I will do whatever it takes…. or I will die
    that simple
    I hope you always will remember our good times and passion we had together and not let this take that from your memory. I really believed we were meant to be. I thought you would be my help through this. I am on my own. And it’s very hard to swallow. But I don’t expect any pity from anyone. I only wish that someone could see deep into my heart and see what I see and feel… It will never happen I know but it doesn’t hurt to wish.. I’ll get my stuff and be out of your life tomorrow.. Wow



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