I’ll never be friends with you again

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As time goes on,
I know that I’ll never be friends with you again
You are so different from now and then
I used to be able to call you my best friend
Until you changed that one day
I had no idea what to think or say
My best friend of mine,
Who was nice and smart,
Became some girl who didn’t have a heart
You hung out with all the wrong people in school
And after you did things with people who you thought were cool
I just don’t get how you changed so much
I mean you look the same, you talk the same
And you don’t have a different name
Then why don’t I see my best friend?
Even though I tried so hard,
I guess all relationships come to an end.

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Category: Anger Poems
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3 Responses

  • KAtie says:

    OMG I love this poem!it is soo cute and it totally relates to me right now.I would love to read some more things you wrote.

  • yalo says:

    this poem reminds me of my best friend 🙁 i hope we were still best friends but that day changed everything

  • Liisa Mark =] says:

    this poem reminds me of my best friend too 🙁 .. but.. me and her are friends again :).. i am soooo happy 😀



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