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In a Meadow,
There is a girl, chasing butterflies,
And her heart lies,
Within mine.

She is laughing, always laughing,
with golden hair flowing,
A porcelain face glowing.
I remember in my dreams, And it seems,

I can smell her baby freshness,
Feel her soft kisses,
On my wet, crying cheeks.

Her arms clinging to my neck,
Saying, “I will be happy forever”.
With sad brown eyes, like mine,
Not understanding.

She will remember, the songs of Jesus,
The story readings, prayers of teaching,
That we shared.

She misses me and I, her, deeply.
Run through the Meadow and catch me, Baby Doll.
I am your yellow butterfly.

She was taken and I am shaking,
For the memories are fresh in my mind,
All of the time.

No Grandmother should be denied,
The right to see her Grandchild.
Why did this happen? How could it ever?

This post was submitted by Charli O..

Category: Child Poems
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