In Life

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In life, we were born to gain
That is why no one is exempted when it comes to pain
After all the sufferings, scars will remain
But be positive, as they say.. Sun shines after the rain!

Life is like a game, there is a point to begin
In the end, it’s either you lose or you win
But the matter is at least you’ve learned
And another play experience will be earned.

Life is like dancing, you dance with the beat
You sway and feel the music in every step of your feet
You turn, you move, you rock your body
And every direction, you dance gracefully.

In life there are lot of things we may encounter
Challenges, obstacles that will make us a fighter
We were born to become an army
Because life is a battle and you should be prepared and ready.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

Category: Life Poems
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