In My Heart

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If I could choose a place to stay,
Forever in your arms,
It would to be a place of warmth,
That mirrors your inner charm,
A beauty much alike your own,
Enough to hinder time,
A gentle breeze to sooth the soul,
To send chills up your spine,
Though I could go on… of this perfect place,
That could cause ten kings to kneel,
No place, or words, or fancy gestures,
Could show you how I feel.

High atop a mountain’s peak,
Or stranded in a storm,
Our love will always show us how,
To keep each other warm,
Through times when life seems like a dream,
You can coast through without care,
To times when darkness fills your mind,
And life gives you a scare,
I’ll never leave you stranded no,
I’ll never leave you to be alone,
Through good and bad I’ll lift you up,
Return you to your home.

So you see it is quite simple,
This thing called you and I,
It means I am forever yours,
And you’re forever mine.

So it wouldn’t matter where we were,
As long as we’re not apart,
I’ll always keep you close to me,
And eternally in my heart…

This post was submitted by Jesse R..

Category: Love Poems
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