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Searched around the world, I could find no one
who could end my incompleteness.
There were some who just pretended, my frustration never ended
And I found myself in a total mess.
Surrounded in joy, alone in my sorrow
There was no one to my troubles borrow
They just wore masks of friendliness.
And when this I realized, it left me surprised
This world, a deceitful place.
Then you came into my life one fine day
And turned it around your fine way.
Oh yes!
I had found it in you
I had found a true friend in you.
You make me complete
Without you I’m obsolete.
It’s for you that I wake up every dawn
Wishing that the day never ends
And I wait expectantly all day,
For the meeting of two true friends.
You and I
Me and you
Can rock this world.
Searched around the world, I could find no one
Till I ended up at my doorstep
Where you were waiting like a beautiful angel
To fill my incompleteness
My incompleteness.

This post was submitted by ANSHU KUMAR.

Category: Lonely Poems
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