Infinite love

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I love you with my heart, soul, body and mind;
a love like ours is rare to find.
you kiss me so softly yet i feel the strength of your love,
your beautiful amber eyes glisten like stars from above.
your touch screams passion as you caress my skin,
you are my souls counterpoint,
i can feel it deep within.
your arms become my shelter when i feel the need to run,
i was not expecting this but i have found the one.
i wanted nothing more than to be your princess,
then we were blessed with our very own;
i then became your devoted queen
with your heart as my cherished throne.
i give you my whole heart as you are my king,
its the very least u deserve for the happiness you bring.
this is a vow to love your heart, soul, body and mind,
the romance we share we were lucky to find.
you have given me infinite reasons to love my life everyday,
and nothing or no one can ever take that away.
so here is my promise that i making to you,
you are the only one i love and i will forever be true…
i will love you forever, in every lifetime,
as long as you promise to always be mine.

This post was submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

Category: Love Poems
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