Irresistable Sin

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I’m just a step away
I can feel your radiant skin
Warmer than the month of May
Pulling me closer towards the irresistible sin

Just a inch further
Do I even need to think?
Did you know you’re the best lover
Within you, I’ll slowly sink.

& now that we’re already standing
Nose to nose, & lips to lips
I can feel my knees snapping
Still I rise on my toe tips

I can feel your breath,
crushing into mine
I can taste your sweat,
like the sea brine

I’m navigating through the map of your face
A little to the left, a little to the right
At that moment, we embrace
Mission accomplished, now I feel light

In the labyrinth of this pleasure
I don’t want to get my way out
Your sweetness I cannot measure
I never want to pull away, there’s no doubt.

This post was submitted by K J.

Category: Love Poems
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