Is it true?

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I feel the need to ask,
Unable to tell my self
Unable to ask anyone
Unable to ask you.

How could you?
Why would you do it?
To me you are baby girl
The most important thing
To you in the world

When comes to it all
You stood and watched me fall
All the way down
Down far to when I almost died

Now my life is filled with lies
That can’t compare to butterflies
My love is so sweet
For a moment
I thought I lost you and me!!!

Lately I have been thinking about
All the ups and downs
That seems to bring my life
Down and around
All the bends and dips Like a roller coaster

Being on a emotional
Roller coaster makes it all
Fall into place
My perfect world came to an end
But it was just a dream
That turned to reality….

This post was submitted by britni lowe.

Category: Mother poems
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