It was a lie..

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You said I’m your life,
you said you’ll save me from lies,
i was trying to believe you
because you’ve said that you can’t tell a lie..

i was very happy
because you said you love me more than your life,
you said you can’t live without me,
so i never let you go,

loving you was an unexpected feeling
that i kept on believing,
but i can’t believe that you said
you don’t love me anymore,
i don’t want to be hurt once more,
there i saw you leaving,
i prayed and begging,
believing that I’m just dreaming,
I’ve been wrapped by false promises
I’ve been helpless,

i cried
i hide,
fighting gain too much pain
like walking in the rain,

I am facing the reality
that i must let you go,
and believe that our love won’t last forever,
so i set you free,
there i saw walking a mile away from me,
i woke up and realized
that all you’ve said were just a lie.

This post was submitted by sarz.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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