It was you

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It was you who taught me who i really am,
you taught me what is real and made me see clearly,
now I’m breathing in the real world for the first time,
the only thing you never taught me was how horrible and cruel it could be,
and that i would have to do it without you.
I’ve become what I am because of you, it was all you,
All i wonder now is why i was so oblivious all along.

This post was submitted by Elle Amelia .

Category: Angel Poems
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3 Responses

  • arieL says:

    I love your poem; I don’t know if it was something you wrote because you went through it or not but I know how it feels; I am sorry for your loss; i too have Lost someone who I dearly felt the same way about! but thank you for sharing this wonderful poem!

  • lisa babb says:

    That’s a beautiful poem, you should write more.

  • shalendra says:

    u should write more poems this is also very good poem ………..heart touching lines we both have suffered from the same thing ……….i think so write some more



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