It wasn’t serious, just a time pass :(

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The 1st time we talked, was on 25th December,
You were wearing a plain white dress, i still remember.
Christmas party was the occasion,
And your house in Goa was the location.

We both were bored so we went to the beach,
It is then, our friendship took another reach.
On the beach we walked hand in hand,
And it was like walking in heaven not on land.

It was our first meet, right,
And i wondered, was it love at first site.
Party was done and we were back home,
But before leaving we exchanged numbers on the phone.

When we used to meet, i use to have a chocolate box,
Bcoz i enjoyed having it with you on the Marine Line’s Rock.
Our relationship had reached to that level,
Where you was the angel and i was the devil.

It was almost 2 months that our relationship last,
Then i knew, you weren’t serious it was just a time pass.
That day i toh had a sleepless night,
Even the countdown was upto 17 lite’s.

I didn’t had anyone to speak my heart out,
Unless i talked to Rahul and Mukesh in the nightout.
Dear karishma, to be happy, i don’t need you,
Bcoz i have friends in plenty, not in few.

This post was submitted by Vikrant Viky Jadhav.

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