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When the night was solemn
I sit behind
Thinking of you
As i usually do
Until i heard you saying
Sorry that i keep you waiting
I never thought
There is someone thinking of me too.
Sometimes emptiness makes me everything
Sometimes being simple makes me great and powerful
Sometimes being poor makes me own the treasure and riches of many doors.
Sometimes seeking knowledge makes me fool
Sometimes gaining money makes me poor
Sometimes being loved makes me reckless when i fall
Sometimes being popular makes me nothing at all.
Sometimes when i journey I never seek peace and prosperity
Sometimes when i gained friends I find no one but just an enemy
Sometimes when I’m in trouble I find myself successful
And i find myself on top,when i fall.
Sometimes being sinful Makes me find mercy and forgiveness from my enemy
Sometimes when i cry It makes me brave and strong
Sometimes one day,I would say
It is a long journey for me to travel.

This post was submitted by kendy mae.

Category: Life Poems
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