Just A Dream

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We’ve been apart,
From the very start..
But how far can you be,
When I feel you right next to me..

Little by little you’ve been fading away,
But I keep fighting for your image to stay..
The beautiful voice that once echoed through my head,
Has become silent, cold, and vivid instead..

I loved you then and I love you now,
I haven’t forgotten you and I won’t start now..
But I still want to hear your voice somehow,
Just to now if we can work this out..

My heart cries out for you,
And it makes me cry too..
Because the song it has written for you,
Would make you cry too..

The song you made for me makes me smile,
And when I sing it, it makes my thinking of you worth while..

I called it your hit single,
Even though it was simple..
I love that you did it,
And I love it when you sing it..

And every night before I go to sleep,
I pray and wish that all of this is just a dream..
But I guess I can’t do anything but sleep,
Because whether I like it or not, life is but a dream..

This post was submitted by Waldir.

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