Just another way to say I Love You

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Beauty is only skin deep but yours goes on forever
Seeing you, holding you, to be yours is my pleasure,
Your smile lights the sky even making the sun jealous
You had your choice of plenty of guys all overzealous.

Every single guy, we all wanted one thing
But my one thing was different, it was merely a ring,
Your skin is so soft, your lips taste so amazing
The passion we hold is continuously blazing.

I don’t take you for granted you’re the world in my eyes
Every single time I see you, those words I reprise,
You’re a Goddess in the face but that not why I partake
Because things like that don’t make it past the first date.

When you’re sad I hold you, when you’re happy I’m there
You always catch me looking because I cant help but to stare,
Your eyes are like a jungle, I could get lost for years
This poem is to say I Love You and take away all of your fears.

This post was submitted by Nick Mckinley.

Category: Love Poems
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