Just to..

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Just to see you face again
your lips on my lips touch again
just to see how you are
but yet you are so far
you believe that you and
me could never be
because you said
being away from me
was hard to see
but the truth is that you are
my first love
i love ,i care
i cant help but stair
all the above
you make me believe that
there is something between
you and me
i cry myself to sleep hoping wishing
that you still think of me
poetry is the only way
i dont feel alone
without you
they say im to young
to know what love is
but they dont know how much i love you
you kill me
you tore my heart
more than one
my friends say im stupid to come back to you
but they will never know how much i love you
listen to me now
hear me say
your in my heart forever and always.

This post was submitted by Natalie Harless ,12.

Category: Love Poems
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