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We can see that you’re not happy,
We can see that you’re confused and sad,
We can see that you’re not the same kirah,
That we all once had.

What you’re doing is wrong
What you’re doing is bad,
We miss the old kirah,
And we want her back.

There is a monster deep inside,
Trying to beat you,
But you’ve got to be strong,
You have to break through.

I wish you could have seen the beauty,
That everyone else saw,
God made you in his image,
Which means you’re perfect,
The way you are.

Hunger is definitely not just a feeling,
Thinness is definitely not a skill,
You may not believe this now,
But in time you will.

One day you’ll look in the mirror
And accept what you see
You’ll stop looking at everyone else
And thinking that’s the way to be.

I know I’m not perfect,
I have a long way to go,
I really don’t care what they think of me
Because I’m not for show.

You should think the same,
Because there’s so much more to you,
You have the strength to control
Everything you do.

No one can make you get better,
Kirah, you have to want to,
You have to accept yourself,
And stop doing, what you do.

So much has already been damaged,
So much has already gone wrong,
You’ve found the road to recovery,
And it’s very long.

You have to believe in yourself,
You have to know you can do this,
You can’t give up,
I know you can do it. by, Kaylee Lenners

This post was submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

Category: Angel Poems
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One Response

  • saeedah says:

    this is full of honesty …..and you’re trying to help some on that changed…..i did the same



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