“Last Goodbye”

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When I see the pictures of you on my desk

It’s almost as if you never left

Then reality hits me and I’m reminded why

Too many arguments throughout the night

I could have sworn I had found Mrs. Right

Someone I could call mine, and have by my side

But it’s too late now, things are set in stone

Even though it’s been sometime, I still struggle letting go

I just wish we could have treated each other better

Because if we did you wouldn’t be needing this letter

I try to not bring up the past

But if I could go back, i’d find a way to make it last

We just took each other for granted

Not like either one of us planned it

Which is why today we still can’t understand it

You were so special, yet I treated you average

You put up with everything, even my bad habits

I suppose if I were in your shoes

Then maybe I’d wanna leave to

I wish it was as easy as it was for you to walk away

I tell myself it’ll get better, just not today

In time we’ll be good, I’ll be on a new path

And maybe it’ll cross with yours, which will prove that

I should have been better to you

You were a ten who I treated like a two

You wanted commitment while I stayed on the fence

You were dime I treated like a penny and it doesn’t make sense (cents)

It was fun while it lasted, such a good ride

You were a great girl and I was a good guy

Things happen for a reason, kiss the past goodbye

Sad how we never had our last goodbye.

This post was submitted by Ryan La Crosse.

Category: Break Up Poems
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