Lies & Broken Promises

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Lies continue to be told
All my tears, I cannot hold.
What keeps me having hope, I may never know.
But I know that if you love me, you never let it show.
I’ve grown tired of your “apologies”
All the worthless Sorries.
Yet I continue to hold hope to the future that we shall not have together.
You say you know you hurt me, but yet you cause me pain that lasts forever.
Please, if you dont love me, set me free.
It’s worth it although it will hurt Ainsley.
Every night i dream….of a perfect us.
Where there’s love….and bundles of trust.
Happy I am, until I wake.
Realizing the truth, I begin to shake.
Tears begin to fall, washing away the smile that was once there.
Words cannot express how much I care.
Weather you do or not, Is a mystery.
Are you going to let the story of us end here, and become history?
Loving someone shouldn’t hurt me.
But I guess I’ll continue to dream of how we should be.
One day I”ll get the courage to leave you.
And maybe you’ll realize how my love was true.
Sadly those things shall never happen, so for now all i ask of you is…….
Never tell me you love me, until you are ready to mean it.

This post was submitted by Isis Arboleda.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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