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What is it, what does it mean?
How do i find out what the meaning is?

Some people say that life is like a tree
it just keeps growing and getting bigger
and stronger all the time.

It will bend and sway in the wind
but at the end of the day
it will be standing on the side
of the river bank taller and stronger
than ever.

So where is the answer
why wont this tree fall over in the strong winds?

It will soon tho
someday the wind will be blowing
to hard and what was once a beautiful
life, has now been thrown along
the river bank getting drenched
head to toe with the burning hot
heat from the sun, which kills
the tree from inside out.

Setting fire to it.
burning it on a hot summers day.
What is this life called?

This post was submitted by Stephanie Thomson.

Category: Life Poems
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