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I know that people don’t understand what you’re going through
But I can, cause let me tell you that I’ve been there too
Every time you wake up in the morning, and wish that you didn’t
Every time you go to sleep at night wishing that you’d die in it
Damn, the pressure that they give to you to hold on your shoulders
I know it’s hard, and will only get worse as you get older
But don’t waste your time trying to figure a way outta this mess
Cause that’s what life is, unfair, hard, and full of stress
And I know that what you want is to no longer live
But listen child, you’ve got a long way to go, and so much to give
Forget the people that hurt you, put all that bullshit behind
Step up, be grown, and control what’s going on in your mind
Cause as I told you, there is no way outta this mess
So might as well sit down, take it in, and consider yourself blessed

This post was submitted by Chantelle.

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3 Responses

  • alexis lopez says:

    I realy injoyed this poem its a perfect msg for my older sister.she writes poems asking for everything you have said in your poem:)
    it was verry inspirational.!!!!

  • brhyte owoo says:

    Great poem, love every line it presents. SO MUCH INSPIRATIONAL.

  • Kisha says:

    Nice Really Enjoyed this and nicely articulated.



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