Life Is Good

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Sometimes all I want to do is quit,
I want to give up and not commit.
I’m so stressed out, school seems so tough,
I get frustrated, I’ve honestly had enough.
Life is hard, drama continues to spread,
I feel so lost, being pulled by a thread.
Everything is so rushed, always a “go go go”
I want to stop time, make everything become slow.
Occasionally I just feel down, the worlds coming to an end,
Everything is going wrong, on a downward descend.
But wait a second; I put my worries aside,
I realize I am lucky, to simply be alive.
I need to appreciate, see what my life has in store,
So many options, so much time to explore.
Life is a gift, so good indeed,
Don’t let it pass by, strive to succeed.
Confidence and pride are always a must,
Being a downer is a true disgust.
Life is good, I am lucky girl,
To be so blessed, in a wonderful world.

This post was submitted by Mariah Smith.

Category: Life Poems
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