Life Well Spent

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Where will you be when your life is spent.
Where did you go, what did you do.
To what degree of clarity can you expound
upon your life that that will make any sense.

What torrent waters did you cross.
What high mountains did you climb.
What friends did you make,
what happiness did you share,
what was gained and what was lost.

It would be great if we could retrieve he time.
The time that we spent wishing,instead of doing.
How much hatred can one consume.
How many times are we going to ignore the signs

Where will you be when your life is spent.
Did you travel to your favorite place.
Did you commit to your favorite dream.
With clarity, can you say that your life made sense.

Before life’s unforgiving mirror, we will stand.
confused over the things the mirror reveals.
At this point in our lives, our memory escapes us.
It would be great if we new before hand.

This post was submitted by Gamaliel H. Gooding.

Category: Life Poems
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