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When I am feeling lonely, I
Feel thrown away
Locked in a damp, cold dark closet,
I see all gray
Now… I can’t get out
Shot down by others
Pushed way off the earth
Scared, little bitty, standing in your hand
Looked down on
Scales, what does it weigh?
If only I can run fast and far away
You shot me once more,
But this time it’s deep in my chest
A needle, feed me
I think I need more
All I see is lost hope
A deep hole with red dirt
My vain is full
Fix it fix it
I need to get back
I think I am stuck
Its such a lonely lonely day
The trains, they roar
This tunnel is getting longer
I see no light
The walls are melting Life, love
My head is spinning like a crazy top
Make it stop
Understanding no more
Gun? Will they come and save me
It won’t hurt
………….Silence that’s all
Big bang
One red puddle is all that’s left this lonely day.

This post was submitted by Mary Urick.

Category: Lonely Poems
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