Long Love Cut Short

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Down the shore I met you
over breakfast I stared
you saw right through me
all the love I had to share

it started with a smile
and quickly led to more
dazed all the while
love was blossoming, I was sure

similarities shone through
like sun through a window
I had much love for you
but you didnt know

soon together at last
I told you how I felt
almost a month had passed
and a bad hand I was dealt

a mistake I made
I didnt trust your feelings
a dear price I paid
apart, the damage left me reeling

hurt I became
I decided to turn and walk
feeling nothing but shame
for 6 months we did not talk

one random day
a text message was sent
confused we did stay
neither knew what it meant

together we talked
things almost seemed great
but in the shadows a secret stalked
for us, it was too late

the hurt I did feel
before I called you baby
this secret was a big deal
I joined the navy
now forced to leave you
im falling apart
I dont know what to do
thinking of it breaks my heart

I count down the days
dreading the end
hurt in so many ways
but the holes you try to mend

I only wish you could wait
til im back from the navy
for if its not too late
I will come for you baby!

This post was submitted by Andrew Hopps.

Category: Love Poems
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