Lost Piece

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As the day passes by so fast
Longing for somebody whose care could last
Is the least I could wished for
Though I already knew it was impossible.

Why somebody came unexpectedly?
Created a big question mark before he leaves easily
Am I played by my destiny?
Or I used to let destiny fooled me?

Everything happens for a reason
But why I can’t help to ask those foolish questions?
It really bothers me every time it lingers in my mind
That’s why I really need to do things that could make me unwind.

But how could I escape from this nowhere?
Wherever I looked I could see question marks everywhere
Should I blame all the faults to my destiny?
Or something wrong is just within me?

Acting so damn weird is one of a kind
There’s no such word as “crazy” that could ever defined
Somebody who let their self act this way is out of their mind
And I am considered to be one ‘coz my heart made me blind.

Am I blind because I couldn’t see the truth clearer?
Or is it because I let those false promises entered?
This heart of mine who doesn’t accept failures
And still hold on with those promises that somebody assures.

But what if promises are really made to be broken?
Do I need to keep on holding?
Or time to let go with this feeling?
And let this broken heart mend once again.

But hey! No more but’s and what if’s
I hear somebody whisper that I should kept his promise
Shouldn’t be afraid and keep holding on
Because no matter what happen in his heart I’ll be the only one
For I knew from the start
He’s the “LOST PIECE” that could only puzzle my HEART…

-zai2 ’59-

This post was submitted by zai2 59.

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