Love and life

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Love….. a term constantly over used.
Her heart is a power system hope her boyfriend doesn’t blow a fuse.
These people leave me all amused.
They say they’re all that, but have nothing to lose.
The sky isn’t my limit cause I could touch the moon.
Love is bitter sweet so I put sweet n low inside my spoon.
Excuse my premature maturity.
Her heart is temporarily broken, and she sees the much awaited cure in me.
I’m 14 feeling as if I’m 45.
Cause I notice people go through with life, but never seem to fully come alive.
I could turn a word into a master piece.
Life is a long story so you better take a comfortable seat.
Her heart is my favorite retreat.
Love is bitter sweet like a rotten peach.

This post was submitted by Keenen.

Category: Life Poems
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