Love at first sight

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I don’t think it was love at first sight
As when we met, we had a fight

But then after sometime
We, both became fine
And maybe spent a little quality time

Time, I made a mistake
Mistake that made hell loose over me
A mistake I couldn’t see

You refused
And broke a fuse
With me going loose

The poem I wrote
Just like this one,
Was it like for no one??

You thought I deserved something
Something better maybe
Is that why you called me to tell
I don’t know what happened to me.

Now that you’re gone
It feels that my life
Is directly written on the script of saawariya
But I guess its just a naazariya
I don’t expect you to come to me
And free of this captivity

I try to forget
This mindset
But without any success
So I succumb to this so called foolishness

You sent me an sms
Maybe some more
We had a small talk
For which I kept believing you rocked

I was kept captivated
And at the same time fascinated
About how my heart ached for you
And about how your head ached for me

Then finally I met you
At a party, decorated only for you

When I first saw you
I couldn’t take my eyes off you
I stole glances
As I got my chances
It seemed all my starts
Together, where helping me find my co-star

And then finally the moment
Arrived, I lament this forever
Instead of talking
I felt like running
My body gave away, with my
Heart skipping a beat as you brushed by.

Me, being the biggest fool
Missed the opportunity to be cool

I don’t know what happened to me
The moment you started talking to me
I felt like I would pass out
But think I controlled it profound

The moment passed away
And you just walked away

But the star still glow
It made me happy, so why the hell
Would I stop the flow
I want you, someplace,
Someplace near me, a place
In the deepest place of my heart

So the story continues
With all the over dues.

I wrote this one just for you, like all the several ones just waiting to be read by you,
Even though you don’t like my writing it for you
I cant help it out
because without any doubt you are only one I found…

This post was submitted by Sam Gorgil.

Category: Love Poems
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