Love at first sight

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Dressed in mind blowing apparels he appears,
from God knows where
with tongue sweeter than honey
looks broadcasting money
attitude just right
to earn him a night
with the girl he tagged right

The figure eight could look no better
on a girl we call Martha
one could say God took his time
and all his dime
just to make her
the most sought after

His simple smile
saying words of a thousand miles
and before one can think twice
the girl stands as stiff as ice
vigorously nodding “yes”
to heaven knows what the question was

Beautiful is an understatement
breathtaking a compliment
for even the world’s best dictionary
could not explain this extraordinary
whose simple smile
sent shivers down a million spines

Love at first sight they say
forgetting there’s always a price to pay
for if ones heart is to be broken
there will be no token
but loads and loads of laughter
are sure to last ever after.


This post was submitted by OLUWATELEMI OLA-JAMES.

Category: Love Poems
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