Love For yOu

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Love for you will never die,
cause i will never stop to try.

You had always been one in crore,
cause my love for you was always more.

We will see the sunrise together,
cause we will be young forever

Parting you was not less than a tragedy,
and your heart is now my destiny.

You never met me in crowd,
cause you were always proud

For you i always cried and shout,
but you always kept me in doubt.

You always thought i am dull,
but trust me dear i was only your gal

You never understood my feelings,
but the shine of ur eyes always acted as healing

But for sure you were pure,
but you never cum to cure

And therefore;

One day you will come to my grave and say,
i loved you dear all night and day………..

This post was submitted by Ashwini.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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