Love in Disguise

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Never have I ever imagine
Myself be hurt and be frustrated
Things that I have considered nothing
Now pushes me towards the real thing

I’ve always tried to stay down and calm
Showed no emotions when you’re around
Now I’m just hoping for the time to come
You’ll smile at me and hold on my ground

I hate this feelings ‘coz I’m disturbed
I’ve told you words, but have you heard?
I’ve tried to reach you but you’re so distant
And I’ve longed to touch you but God I can’t

I have wanted to catch you when you fall
And let you know that I care for all
But LOVE, they say can make you cry
I just said maybe, but I should try

Love I guess something just not right
That leaves me sigh and cry hard at night
I used your friends and some of mines, too
Asked them info I can used on you

Now that the chances for us are too low
For even friendship can’t ever grow
Let me tell you things only I know
About the feelings I was to show

I guess I’ve fallen for you so fast
Feelings mistakenly thought would last
But now I’m suffering deep inside
For I know this love will not subside!

Things maybe too funny for you
But I must admit that “I love you”
Yes I’m much of pretty blue
But all of these are really true.

This post was submitted by marivic maruzzo.

Category: Love Poems
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