Love Infinite

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I would dream of you anxiously as the nights raced past,
I clung to your memory as if it were my last,
There’s not a day that goes by I don’t regret my loss,
Is there no regress or refund for love’s great cost?
Time has withered away as we’ve both lost count,
We’ve lost count of the arguments and rage and its incredulous amount.
Our paths have taken us to opposite ends of touch,
You’d never think desire would ever hurt this much.
I could go on to infinity and divulge my actions,
I could go on forever and I’d still have the same passions.
I’ve never lost sight of this estranged connection,
We’ve doted in anonymity as an unnamed protection.
I can only hope someday we will resolve our lust, resolve this union,
Resolve this angst and its treacherous fusion.
This friendship is waning as the days grow old,
A thousand summers have passed as a thousand winters have gone cold.
My silence will scream with a ferocious growl,
My expression will flounder with an autonomous scowl.
I’m empty inside without your angelic grace,
You walked away and left without as much as a trace.
I’ll end this rant with the tip of my pen,
My love for you is as deep right now as it was back then.

This post was submitted by Jason.

Category: Love Poems
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