Love Is A Game

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Love is a game that plays with your mind
love is thing that can be left behind
love is just a figment of your imagination
but the love i have for you is just to strong
the love i have i dont know where it belongs
the love i have for will never be shown
the love i have for you is left all alone
the love i have for is your any only yours
the love i have for you will never belong
i can never show that because you wont let
i can give you love only if you let me
i can show what is really suppose to be
i can prove to you that isnt a fantasy
it not just in fairy tales
its not just in dreams
it all right here in front if you can only see
you just me a chance i can prove to you that love is real
i love you so much its hard to explain
that i can only show in emotions and pain
i want to help through all your troubles
i want to solve all your problems
i am here for you and just for
i just want you to know that love is true
i wont turn my back
i wont cheat on you
i only want you and only you

This post was submitted by steven martin.

Category: Love Poems
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